Travelport Training Services

Travelport Training Services offers access to knowledge, which enables you to offer premium service to your customers when using our solutions. Continuing professional development is essential for agents who wish to extend their career options in the travel industry and stay updated of the latest industry developments.

Our Training services vary from traditional classroom based training on different Travelport GDS products to customised trainings in classroom or at customer site. But also take a look at our online training courses which you can access from your office, at home or even when away on a business trip! No downloads, no discs, no hassle.

Classroom-based Training

Galileo Desktop, using Focalpoint or Viewpoint?

The Galileo Desktop provides travel agents with the ability to work the way that best suits them. Viewpoint (the graphical environment) enables searching capabilities that provide more targeted requests and responses improving efficiency and accuracy, whilst the cryptic commands (Focalpoint) is available to those agents which repetitively use the same entries in the booking process.

Worldspan Go!

Travel agents rely on Worldspan’s global travel database, renowned fares and pricing system and innovative solutions to shop and book approximately 700 travel suppliers around the world. Worldspan-connected travel agencies access tools via Worldspan Go!®  the most versatile and comprehensive travel management solution worldwide.

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Travelport E-Learning


Galileo E-Learning

Galileo E-Learning is a learning management system, which you can access via the Internet anytime and anywhere. Highly interactive courses provide instruction and practice with real-life scenarios to enhance your skills and improve your productivity. When you log in to Galileo E-Learning you can access a whole series of Galileo courses on the Internet. Courses are free for Travelport GDS agents. All you need is your agency pseudo code and a PIN number. The courses are web based which means you will be able to access them from the office, at home or any place you have internet access.


Worldspan E-Learning

Worldspan E-Learning tutorials offer a practical, comprehensive and cost effective training program, using the advantages of Internet technology. Courses are free for Travelport GDS agents. All you need is your SID number and customer number.

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